Why we need a new clinic?

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What will change for the animals

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of the total so far.
The cost of the construction is of 659.500

Work in progress

The new Save the Dogs’ veterinary clinic is ready

Here we go! We dreamt of breaking for you this news for months and now we can at last announce that the works for the construction of the new veterinary clinic are finished! In these days we are assembling the furniture of the structure and we are ready for...
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Close to the end of the construction works of the new veterinary clinic

Even the hot weather of August could not stop the construction works of the new veterinary clinic! While the outside was already really close to have its definitive looks, our workmen now are focusing on the interiors and on some structural works which will make...
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The works of the new vet clinic continue: the outside is almost completed

A casual visitor who would stop to watch it from the outside, the new vet clinic may appear already completed! The entrance and the walls of the new Save the Dogs’ great structure have now their definitive appearance; the outdoor areas for the dogs are still...
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The new vet clinic continues to grow with the floors installed

The new vet clinic has left its appearance of the construction site and start to look everyday more to the structure we had in our mind during the design: now it is time to install the tiles and the floors. In the last update, our President Sara Turetta took us on...
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A little tour of the new vet clinic!

Our president Sara Turetta guides us through a first tour inside the structure of Save the Dogs’ new vet clinic in Cernavoda, Romania: 800 square meters completely dedicated to the emergency intervention and the sterilizations of dogs and cats. With her we have...
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