Our president Sara Turetta guides us through a first tour inside the structure of Save the Dogs’ new vet clinic in Cernavoda, Romania: 800 square meters completely dedicated to the emergency intervention and the sterilizations of dogs and cats. With her we have a first glance of the areas dedicated to the recovery of the animals (4 corridors that will host dogs, one exclusively for cats).

Inside the building, full of natural light that will let us save on energy and be sustainable, you can already imagine the interiors: the reception, the laundry room, the storage, the kitchen, the surgery and pre-operation room, the X-ray room, the offices and, least but not last, the numerous rooms for the staying of the animals after the interventions, with a space outside.

As you may notice, the clinic is taking shape: at this moment we are installing the plasterboard walls and soon we will start working on the floors. We are working fast so we can end the clinic by the end of the summer and start moving in September.

The clinic will serve a very large area, which at the moment has no vet facility whatsoever, but we need everybody’s help to finish this building!