Even the hot weather of August could not stop the construction works of the new veterinary clinic! While the outside was already really close to have its definitive looks, our workmen now are focusing on the interiors and on some structural works which will make the building a modern cutting-edge veterinary excellence.

In this video Sara Turetta, our president, will accompany us in a new tour of the structure

As you can see from the images in the gallery below, during the month of August we installed the purifier, which will clean the water of the plumbing; we installed over 1,000 square meters of antibacterial linoleum, just like a hospital, on the walls and on the floors and completed the outside cages for cats and dogs.

The end of the works is really near: the outside of the structure miss only the parking spot and the green areas, and the furniture on the inside. Thank you very much to everyone that allowed us to arrive so far away and to everyone who will help us complete these last important works.