After 15 years spent in an inadequate space for our urgent and complex needs, the new and modern Save the Dogs’ veterinary clinic in Cernavoda is now the beating hearts of that space dedicated to animals which is called Footprints of Joy. The 27th of October, with the Italian ambassador for Romania Marco Giungi, the representatives of the Swedish and Finland Embassy and the partners, we opened our structure: 800 square meters for dogs and cats, where people and animals at last found suitable working and staying conditions. Four long years of working were spent to realize the project at the best of our possibilities, and during all this period we felt the support of all of our donors. As a matter of fact, if we manage to accomplish this result is because of you, who believed in our project and in our commitment. Save the Dogs thanks you and dedicate this important goal to you!

Here it is a selection of pictures of that exciting day, an historical moment for Save the Dogs which represents a starting point for new and ambitious projects.